Hi Positive Influencer,

You know those days (or moments in a day) when you’re just not feeling it. You want to be on fire, but you’re just like a cold & wet log struggling to be ignited… You want to be motivated, proactive & charging ahead… but you’re feeling insecure; you’re doubting when you’ll get over the line; you’re feeling anxious about the results not showing up sooner… (I could go on & on & you I’m sure you understand.)  

There are times when your goals scare you… or you feel frustrated, disappointed & potentially disheartened… When we lose hope, we lose soooo very much more than mere hope! We can mislead ourselves into believing our behaviour doesn’t matter that much… 

WELL – there is a simple, quick cure… 

At those junctures, I’d like to suggest you do what I do. At least give it a go & be mindful of how it works for you too… 

Relax into viewing a Session that has been “edited”. 

Edited by the fact that I’ve uploaded a series of photos…from my past… positive experiences I’m happy to savour as memories, perhaps re-live & certainly re-created… 

What does it mean? 

What I notice is my personal photos from my private collection (stored, saved, secure in my Membership account)…. 

They’re being being presented – as if interjected & embedded within the 1000 “cards/slides” of a standard Session.  

The personal images are triggering an exceptionally powerful, healthy & high-vibration reaction of deep appreciation, gratitude & thankfulness…


They remind me of the amazing life I’ve already had and how much I’ve been blessed to experience… just who loves me & the support I’ve already received… 

They “uplift”. 

Of course, they’re also giving me an oxytocin & dopamine boost too… 

So – without further delay, please “upgrade” your Membership to Premium if you have not already done so. The software is so simple & easy to use… 

As soon as you’ve activated “Premium” — you’ll see the “edit” button on your dashboard… 

When you are ready upload MANY photos in a few clicks… gather a whole host of fabulous, encouraging photos that make you feel fortunate, lucky & expansive… 

Once uploaded into your private collection, “tick”(✓) the photos to ADD them into a Session. 

Notice how you “react” to the Session after you’ve seen your images… 

I’d suggest up to 50 photos… that span 20 – 30 years… the TRUE HIGHLIGHTS.

Just to give you some ideas (remember to make sure YOU are featured in the images too):

  • Photos of past achievements – so that you’re aligned with the energy of your past triumphs so that you can be in sync with future wins
  • Photos of awesome, fun memories. Include outstanding times on vacation. When you see these photos your body is “remembering” relaxation, joy, pleasure, freedom, love, excitement, exuberance, adventure… 
  • Photos of those you love (pets, friends, family, colleagues)… who have been kind, caring, thoughtful, considerate, tender… so that you’re *stimulated* to re-feel those affirming emotions. 

I can go over how to ensure your Sessions are also Vision Boards at a later stage… but transforming them into gratitude journals that are ALIVE is a much higher priority !! 


Kim Serafini

CEO and Founder of

Positive Prime



P.S. Here are the top resources I have about “Gratitude” and it’s importance !!

In positive psychology research,  gratitude is strongly and consistently associated with greater happiness. 

Gratitude helps people feel more positive emotions, relish good experiences, improve their health, deal with adversity, and build strong relationships. People feel and express gratitude in multiple ways.

These are the 10 best TED Talks on gratitude, as well as the 10 best Youtube videos on gratitude. https://positivepsychologyprogram.com/gratitude-ted-talks-videos/

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