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If you’ve read the research papers we’ve shared in our Certification program within our PositivePrime community… you’ll know that:

When children Positively Prime themselves PRIOR to an exam – they perform better… and there’s a great story about MIT students of mathematics & their outcomes in Shawn Achor’s books…

When an Exec Positively Primes themselves PRIOR to an interview or performance appraisal… they perform better & their results are “more likely to be successful”

SO – next time it MATTERS… Positively Prime yourself… by watching a Session & give yourself an advantage…


You can also use Therapeutic Essential Oils to compliment the Session 


I’d love to challenge our Positive Prime Professional community to come up with some GREAT “evidence” as to WHY “personalising” is sooooo important… and WHY seeing “yourself” within a program (every program) helps your BRAIN “associate” the lessons with YOU and your future…

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