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This email is specifically intended for those of you who “teach / train / facilitate / speak” &, or “ coach / guide / mentor” plus those who are “Change Management Consultants” — inspiring or impacting others.

If you can can see yourselves having a PositivePrime Session in our Store or JUST for your private purposes in a commercial sense… to share with Members, Clients, Patients…

Honestly, if you’d like your message to be more “profoundly” absorbed… we’d like to INVITE YOU to a special webinar.

You don’t need to read on if this doesn’t apply… We talk about our “proposals” that we deliver to potential clients…

Making 6 or 7 Figures with PositivePrime as a Tool – Being the Change & Driving Change Faster & Further More Efficiently

In this webinar we’ll be:

Chatting about HOW to “leverage” a positive psychology, neuroscience change tool in your offerings with your audience and how to make $$$ from this opportunity.

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Imagine what the possibilities are & potential is for you to integrate more of the leading edge scientific results from amazing research into your services & products.

I’d like to “invite you” as if you’re a spider on the wall – watching / observing…

    Imagine if YOU TOO were an Authorised, Official PositivePrime consultant… you could advise, create & implement programs for Schools, Businesses, Sporting Clubs, Membership Associations, Healthcare facilities & Companies…

    YOU could “do even better than me” – presenting! 

    YOU could “roll-out” programs for positive change for groups of people… alongside me & Pattie Craumer in Pennsylvania, and taking advantage of the PositivePrime tool.

    Join us — for the webinar & seize the chance to be in the right place, at the right time, with the right people, for the right purposes… and we’ll have a wonderful time in an intimate group. REGISTER:

    Cheers – here’s to our brighter futures!

    Kim Serafini
    CEO and Founder of
    Positive Prime

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