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 If you missed the fun packed webinar we had last weekend, this is your chance to watch the recording of the webinar.

During the live class, we discussed how Positive Prime gives you insights, strategies, suggestions, special secrets, tips, ideas to help you lead & thrive.

We have a Premium Upgrade that unlocks magic.

 If you’re wanting to feel better & brighter… and you are faced with personal pain (emotional, mental or physical) anxiety, stress, worry, concern, chronic disease, illness or injuries, we’ve got you covered!


Learn how to put your Brain & Mind onto

***Auto-Pilot for Achieving Success Happily***

A proven-method to successfully achieve anything you want. With Intense focus. Breath-taking speed. Complete understanding. Total confidence.

Therapists & Healers along with Peak-Performance Mentors & Trainers certainly enthusiastically encourage their clients to use *Positive Prime* everyday!

By adding your personal images and affirmations, you increase the power of Positive prime Session by 10x! Seeing yourself in your Positive Prime session creates a very strong emotional affinity with the presentation. You “see” yourself in the picture, squarely in the very situation you wish to create in your life and this helps you to embody your idea as if it were already real.

Seeing your images in the session helps prevent some of the resistance you would naturally feel to something new.

If you would like to start personalizing your session we have a monthly membership which you can cancel anytime you want if it does not work for you!

The more visual evidence you have, both in your imagination, Positive Prime and in the physical world, the faster that image will seem normal and acceptable to your mind. Scenarios you previously thought were impossible for you become commonplace quickly when they are continually reinforced through Positive Prime and your own daily positive musings about your goals.

Positive Prime sessions are effective even without being personalized, but you will greatly accelerate the process by adding self-images and statements that you write about yourself and your goals.

Kim Serafini
CEO and Founder of
Positive Prime enabled by Mind Power Technology

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