Dear PositivePrimers,

OK – so we want your honest feedback – constructive criticism – and real reactions… to this video… please 😉

I’d love to figure out whether or not this huge effort by our team (Mayumi IS extraordinary and did the video editing – which took an ENORMOUS amount of time, patience, love, dedication, creativity, effort, intelligence, understanding & commitment to serving the audience)…. is it “worth it” – and shall we do MORE & MORE…

If you haven’t yet had time to watch it – please do… and then reply 😉


 We are “inserting” this video into an “automated process” — so that those who register for this workshop see this video:

AND, those who are not yet Subscribers: will have an opportunity to secure this “deal” – which is the FINAL opportunity for 2020…

 If you’ve been a part of our community for a little while, you may remember that we did an “ONLINE” virtual retreat last year. It was received exceedingly well!.

I’m doing another one LIVE starting v. soon… and you will NOT want to miss out on JUST for Signature Members & VIPs… and this time I’ll integrate it with my new podcast…


“Kim Serafini – really gr8ful for life”

bought to you by Serafini Mind Spa

 The guests we are featuring are world class guides – doctors, specialists, functional medicine experts, and spiritual masters – who will help us all get into the “most peaceful & healthy condition” — that allowed ME to “come back”.

ALL of the “wellbeing rituals” of the past couple of years (the culmination of which is 20 years involved in the Spa & Retreat Industry) prepared me to SURVIVE & contribute to my ability to now BURST with joy & vitality & exuberance & feel healthy & peaceful on the journey of profound healing…

We’re going to explore in depth… Negative Emotions (Anger, Shame, Guilt, Disappointment, Frustration) + Stress + Toxic Environments & Toxic Relationships and various answers to “repair for rejuvenation” for example:

  • Cold Showers & Ice Baths +
  • Box Breathing +
  • Rest +
  • Connection to the Divine +
  • Radical Nutrition +
  • Luxuriating with Botanicals +
  • Self Love +
  • Movement +
  • Massage +
  • Liquid Molecular Hydrogen +
  • Mineral Supplementation +
  • An Optimal Microbiome … and so much more!

I do consider myself very grateful for the fact that after my heart paused (stopped, as in sudden cardiac arrest) — EVEN THOUGH there’s NOTHING wrong with my heart – I have NO cardiovascular disease and NO risk factors regarding my heart – I’m experiencing remarkable recovery & dealing with all of the other symptoms of an autonomic nervous system disruption…

So, if you’d like to dive deep into “healing” that will deal with the “serious & heavy” stuff & perhaps aid you through a medical emergency… then this is for you & the time is NOW.

All classes will be recorded & available to you forever 😉

Much love,

Kim Serafini
CEO and Founder of
Positive Prime

P.S: If you don’t want to be a Signature Member and you’d like to register now… the investment is only $197 for the program – which gives you a saving of more than 1/2. Simply email us now for the link.

P.P.S: This is a ‘retreat’ program like NO OTHER EVER BEFORE… combining science & spirituality, a renowned faculty, Eastern & Western rituals that are revered, modern & ancient wisdom…

  • Begins October 8th 2021.
  • 8 Workshops…
  • Class is every 2nd week…

~ We take a break for December & January – for our Summer Down Under.

During the break you’ll be in a Challenge to ENJOY the Holidays whilst being Healthy too & learning how to “balance & equalise & neutralise the naughties & how to have fun with ingredients that are FANTASTIC for the Festivities…

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