Dear Positive Prime Influencer 🙂


When you are feeling “uptight, anxious, overwhelmed, stressed…” pause for a moment and watch a Positive Prime Session just for a few minutes. 

You’ll end up feeling brighter, lighter… the tightness in your chest will ease… the churning in your stomach will let go… your mind will work better (that’s a scientific fact).

When you’re feeling like you want to be “more vibrant and fired-up” for a meeting or presentation… pause for moment. Decide to prepare with a Positive Prime Session.

Log-in via Google Chrome on your laptop or desktop. Choose a Session. Relax and allow your eyes to gaze as the stunning images feel like they are flooding you – flowing past you and over and through you… Give yourself a healthy break.

The research studies tell us – your brain will function in a different, more optimal, enhanced state! You’ll be brighter, intellectually. Smarter. Yes. 

When you’re struggling with an issue and you need an empowered solution and to be resourceful, positively prime yourself. The evidence certainly proves that you’ll be better at seeing opportunities and leveraging them for your benefit and others’ advantage too when your mind is “positively primed” and your brain is “calm and uplifted”. 

When you’re feeling “down” – it’s even more important… Even though you may not be inclined, or in the mood to give yourself a “boost” or take the initiative to bounce up and out… do it anyway.

Encourage yourself… Give yourself tough love and make yourself do it. You’ll thank yourself.

We have 1000s of Members who’ve shared incredible stories about “beating depression” & “managing anxiety” and turning DIRE situations around completely.

You are loved! You deserve it. You are most definitely *worthy* of the nurturing, cherishing, caring and kindness that is shared with you through EVERY Session.

So, go on… Watch a Session now.

Here’s to a brighter future,

Kim Serafini
CEO and Founder of
Positive Prime enabled by Mind Power Technology

ps: We have a special support service where we gently guide you over the phone or via video conferencing and screen sharing – how to “work it” – and get the most out of your Positive Prime experience. Allow us to give you step-by-step help. Email us for support and we’ll organise it ASAP. 

pps: The truth is – you’ll be more motivated and much more likely to be “engaged” during Sessions when you see your personal memories and images of your own goals inserted… So, if you’d like assistance and encouragement and instructions on “how-to” upload private photos, let us know. It’s easy and it’s valuable.

ppps: As you know “MindPT” is disappearing – it being shut down shortly… now that we have a new platform that’s much better! It’s more advanced and it’s added features gives us a fantastic foundation for a better and brighter future! If you haven’t yet created a brand new account over at we urge you to do so quickly. You’ll be glad you did. If you have questions or suggestions feel free to reach out to us. 

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