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Which or What Session? Q&A Group Mentoring

Join us for a casual, live, gathering online. We conduct 30 min zoom meetings once a week.
We discuss how & why Positive Prime works… to help you fulfil your potential.
We have guests in the audience who explain what they’re dealing with, and as an observer you can watching Kim “coach” on the spot. She provides advice, insights, suggestions & encouragement… During the gather she plays the role of teacher, guide, healer and supporter!

You can ask a question, or request guidance about what the best Session is for you to watch given your goals or limiting beliefs.

We’d like for you to drop in & leave feeling brighter.

Looking forward to seeing you!


North America
Mondays at 3:30PM PDT
Mondays at 4:30PM MDT
Mondays at 5:30PM CDT
Mondays at 6:30PM EDT

Tuesdays at 8:30AM AEST

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