Dear PositivePrimers,

My heart is overflowing.

I sooooooo want for you to “release yourself & fly” !!

I’ve desperately wanted that for ME TOO…

I’m known for being really genuine, sincere & also having integrity…

I will HELP. I can HELP. I love helping.

REAL help = that actually makes a positive difference that is enduring & swift & meaningful – for YOU and your specific & precise issues!!

 I can “shorten” the TIME and “reduce” the angst, the worries, concerns, fears, anxieties, and doubts you have or may still be STUCK in your “energy field”… and help you to “achieve” in a way that really feels magical & more fun!

I can give you an insight that may seriously change the trajectory of your ENTIRE life – for your benefits, advantages and rewards!

I promise you that the “value” I can share with you in 1 hr could be worth THOUSANDS !!!

If you’re committed…

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I KNOW that 2 Sessions @ 30mins is much much more effective than 1 straight hour.

SO – yes, we’ll dive in deep & then we’ll have a follow-up !!

You read that right.


My “normal / everyday / standard” price may have you “think twice”.

 Having a consultation with me…

This is an “asset” – a treasure – that you can and will be able to BANK !!

AND, if you don’t think I gave you a GEM within that hour I will REFUND 100%. Yes !!

 I LOVE YOU. You’re magnificent & you deserve this…

I’m sooooo looking forward to connecting with you !!

Hugs, Kim

Kim Serafini
CEO and Founder of
Positive Prime

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