YouNiversal Pathways to Vibrant Living by Margaret Evanow

When you feel merely human, remember who you really are! A Quantum Human with access to the Infinite and the Divine.


In areas where we have suffered emotional trauma or physical pain, our energy can become stagnant and produce illness, stress, and other harmful ailments. Though it is impossible to see this energy, we can feel and identify its effects in many ways, including the positive and negative vibes that we often absorb from others. Energy work is the act of channeling and transforming the energy that flows through us all in an effort to heal it and tap into our higher selves. When we do so, we gain the ability to unlock our destiny by sharpening our intuition and realizing our true purpose. It’s time for you to gain the gift of insight by understanding all that you possess within.

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Dr. Margaret Evanow

Licensed Professional Clinical Counsellor

Dr. Margaret Evanow has over 30 years of experience in a variety of mental health and personal development fields. Both professional and personal experiences have helped her to understand both the human condition and the fundamental aspects within humanity that make transformational growth possible under seemingly insurmountable life circumstances. As California’s Premier Quantum Psychologist, Dr. Evanow combines a deep understanding of positive psychology, the new but growing field of quantum physics as applied to human potential, and the driving force within the indomitable human spirit. Utilizing cutting edge technologies based on the laws of bioenergy and quantum physics, the power of thoughts, and the capacity to reprogram our minds to enhance our life experience while living authentically and masterfully, Dr. Evanow works to connect people to their own YouNiversal Pathways of growth, becoming, and believing. Reprogramming Humanity from limiting and self-injurious beliefs, habits, and behavioral patterns to more life-giving abundant visions of self and world is the lifework legacy of Dr. Margaret Evanow. Join her movement by engaging in this session! Reprogram your beliefs and embrace the Quantum Human you already are.

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