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I’ve read all sorts of claims and suggestions such as reading 1 book a day is what outrageously successful CEOs do. There’s so much information “out there”. Couple that with the fact that there’s such radical disruption of industries happening it’s hard to understand the pace of change. Most of us feel that we have to stay “current” or ahead of the curve. If that’s the case, it demands we acquire newly-emerging knowledge extremely quickly.

I believe there’s some truth to these assertions worth diving into.

I LOVE learning. I’m not the smartest person in the class – never have been!! IQ was not my “hidden talent”, but
Curiosity is.

I am fascinated by how I have become an avid learner, a nerd of sorts in my mid-life; which is entirely different to the reputation I had at school & college.

Back then I was regarded as the most social! The truth is my English teacher told me in my teens that I was HOPELESS and would NEVER amount to much because I didn’t excel in her classes. Naturally, as you can imagine, one of my greatest days was releasing my book, which became a best-seller… and I suspect you can fathom how much ‘self-doubt” I had to overcome simply to have enough confidence to even attempt that goal.

Learning more & stretching yourself, facing your fears & triumphing, is what Positive Prime is “built for”…

Why am I sharing this? Because, I NEEDED to hack a way to be a SPEED learner… and now it’s available for you too! Positive Prime does facilitate accelerated learning! 🙂

What I’ve discovered in the process of creation over the past couple of years is nothing short of amazing – and of course, I wish I knew all of this when I was 7 years of age! It’s NOT too late! 🙂

The propriety formula for a Session has been created with a few outcomes built in…

ONE, and it’s very important, is to ensure our “other-than-conscious” actually LEARNS more, and more efficiently.

We have “statements” that are on different backgrounds for a very good reason!!

We have YOUR NAME appearing within the messages for a very good reason!!

We have images that activate your mirror neurons so that you’re feeling positive & are happy – for a very good reason.

We’re maximising the potential for the “knowledge” shared within a Session to be assimilated in a meaningful manner.

In the science area of our website, you can watch more videos about Neuroplasticity… Look for the “Click Here…” in the Elements of Positive Prime section on that page.

When you’ve finished watching that amazing video, perhaps you’ll also tie it in through Positive Prime and what Dr. Paul Sheele says about “Active Meditation”

We *know* that when we “change your brain state” so that it’s positively primed, and if we can do it successfully within 3 minutes, YOU ARE going to learn, comprehend, remember and recall more. You’re also going to be more likely to ACT on your new knowledge…

What’s fabulous about this “technology & platform” is that ANYONE with a message or a lesson or a training program or a class to teach SHOULD really deliver the essence of their knowledge & suggestions within a Positive Prime Session in order for it to really resonate; for it to be USED… for its value to grow exponentially!

So, read on & click the links – so that you can delve into the great resources that will help you to understand WHY and HOW a Positive Prime Session is THE BEST COMPLIMENTARY STUDY RESOURCE in the world…. 


EVERY SINGLE COURSE or CLASS or TRAINING should have a Positive Prime Session that accompanies it.

 to reinforce
 to allow the student to “absorb” & “understand” better
 to make the student “BRIGHTER” as they learn 
 to help the student find learning ENJOYABLE

EVERY SINGLE “HOW TO” BOOK should have a Positive Prime Session that accompanies it…

Continuous Learning:

Learn something new EVERY DAY – with “Daily Positive Priming”

In our extensive library you will find HUNDREDS of Sessions on a variety of important subjects or topics. If you want to learn a new skill, or develop one of your strengths, or integrate new habits to help you achieve challenging goals – then you WILL find a “POWERFUL LESSON” within each & every Session.

What’s more – our library is ever-growing. We have an increasing number of inquiries & requests from teachers, trainers, facilitators, self-help authors, workshop & retreat leaders, healers & therapists to turn a summary of their BEST CONTENT into a Session…

So, you are bound to find what you’re looking for here… We’re offering another way to “do a class” to open your mind, so that you explore interesting new ideas…

It can be OVERWHELMING to choose “what Session” to add to your library.

To that end, we have a “Unique, Constantly Changing & Streaming Super Session called “Daily Positive Priming”. EVERY DAY when you select Daily Positive Priming, you are p[resented with fresh, new Session… what’s streamed is a different topic or subject. AND for 365 days YOU are exposed to an empowering array of areas to develop.

This “Daily Positive Priming” Streaming is offered within our New “Signature Program” that has been designed to ensure THIS YEAR you feel like you’re in the PRIME OF YOUR LIFE – no matter what age, phase or stage you’re actually entering.

We have Professionals within our community who have created Sessions with us for:

  • Recovery
  • Dealing with Divorce
  • Losing Weight
  • Healing the Physical Body
  • Processing Hurt
  • Experiencing Grift
  • Dealing with Trauma
  • Developing Patience
  • Reframing “Middle-Age”
  • Getting unstuck & making a decision

ALL of our Professionals are highly respected and admired. All of them are well known for their expertise in a particular area. Every single Professional is PASSIONATE about sharing their positive, empowering, enriching lessons & messages.

So, if you press play on “Daily Positive Priming” EVERY MORNING – it’s like reading an ENTIRE book & yet ONLY focusing on the key points EVERY DAY…


I LOVE this way of continuing to evolve !!! I trust you will too…

What’s more, when our Soft Launch begins, you will have a chance to participate in this program for a very special promotional price…

AND, a part of the program also entails an ever-growing library of specific, scientific-strength-building Sessions… We gift you 2 Sessions EVERY MONTH….

…for example, one month you may receive 2 Sessions, one that will help you to beat procrastination once & for all, and the other may remind you to be more disciplined in achieving your more important & involved goals.


We seek out THE MOST FORWARD THINKING, tried & tested approaches & then synthesize the best “suggestions, advice, mantras, instructions, guidance, wisdom” & condense it into a new Session that will allow you to realise your FULL POTENTIAL and perform at peak… whilst maintaining a calm sense about yourself.

We’re sourcing & curating the greatest “content” for your optimal living & thriving being!

To look more closely at our Signature Program, please take a look here:

If you want to be one of our Professionals… read on & take a look at our new offering!



If you are a speaker, author, teacher, trainer in school or in the workplace, I urge you to work with us and discover a service we offer to create Sessions on your behalf. Your Personal Positive Prime Session leverages our formula, and we can even deliver that Session within your own “app environment” with your own “branding” – so that your students aren’t necessarily exposed to “Positive Prime” as a consumer app; rather as a learning resource that facilitates your aims.

Cheerfully Yours, Kim

Kim Serafini
CEO and Founder of
Positive Prime enabled by Mind Power Technology

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