Dear PositivePrimers,

I shared Marisa Peer’s meditation yesterday and this video is equally as valuable…

2 ½ years ago when she & John came to stay at our home for a couple of days (we’d been introduced by a mutual connection who imagined that we’d admire, respect, appreciate and like each other)… I actually didn’t know “who” she was… hadn’t read her books… hadn’t seen her on stage… However, instantly…my intuition knew she was extraordinary and just because her presence with a Cap P was astonishing!

 I love this series of new videos she’s creating!

 The messages may seem “counter” to Esther Hicks – however… it’s totally aligned!

 Positively prime yourself before you do the “challenging activities first up”!!

 When your mind needs “nutrition” in the form “words” that are empowering and enriching and encouraging… then read the statements you see in various different PositivePrime Sessions on a slow speed to train your “self-talk” ?


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