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Patience By Kim Serafini

Positive Prime for Confidence By Kim Serafini

Being Happier By Kim Serafini

Nutritional Nurturing By Kim Serafini

Powerful Prosperity & Profitability By Kim Serafini

Fulfilled Forgiveness By Kim Serafini

Mastering Magic By Kim Serafini

Astonishing Action By Kim Serafini

Perfect Timing By Kim Serafini

Exquisite Flow By Kim Serafini

Infinite Potential By Kim Serafini

Surrendering & Letting Go By Kim Serafini

Wonderful Wellness By Kim Serafini

Super Sales Session By Kim Serafini

Winning Teams By Kim Serafini

Absolute Abundance By Kim Serafini

I Am Enough By Marisa Peer

Procrastination Transformed By Kim Serafini

Kidz Mindz 11-14 yrs by Kim Serafini

I am gr8ful for you By Kim Serafini

Recovery and Hope By Kim Serafini

Kidz Mindz 7-10 Years Old By Kim Serafini

Monthly MasterClass Recording

Watch high quality master classes conducted by Kim Serafini and other professionals in the field of Transformation and Positive Psychology!

Preparing For The Best Years of Your Life Ahead Classes

This series of Masterclasses is going to focus on: CREATING A NEW REALITY.. 
You will learn how to “share, spread, pitch or present your ideas & messages” in a way that ensures it motivates, inspires & changes your audience & you can have the impact that you intend & desire. 

If you’re NOT the sales-type… and you don’t “want to sell” THEN think again… because I promise you, you’re going to have to in the “new world for new era”..

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

 Q & A Session

U.K Session

VIP Classes

Join us for 3 intimate group calls with Kim Serafini!

Connect and learn the latest research in neuroscience, useful, and practical tools to create meaningful change in key areas of your life. 

Enjoy the recording of close and personal online training with Kim, ask questions and learn from some of the greatest minds.

VIP Coaching Call # 1




VIP Coaching Call # 2

VIP Coaching Call # 3


Celebrating And Loving It All Online Retreat
(Program Value $497)

Flourishing & Thriving Being Well Mentally Emotionally, Physically, Environmentally & Socially
Healthy brains & bodies. Healthy relationships. Healthy home & community

More than 100 hours of resources to transform you into MASTERY when it comes to improving your knowledge of Positive Psychology & Neuroscience.

These videos will give you sustainable “peace of mind”.
The “program” will guide you through what to “do at home & on the road” to create the Spa experience within your own environment…

Week 1: Feelings & Thoughts 

Learn about how our emotions and our attitudes impact our bodies’ abilities to heal, repair & generate energy. Our mindsets create chemical cocktails in our bodies and we can control whether that’s empowering or not.

Week 2: Sleep and Hydration 

Learn about the dangerous differences in types of water and other ways to ensure our brains are bodies are well hydrated.

Week 3: Nutrition and Exercise 

We will examine physical movement and foods that are nutrient-dense and help us to create beneficial hormones, battle insulin resistance & reduce the harmful effects of the inflammatory processes that wreak havoc in our brains & bodies.

Week 4: Allied, Complimentary & Alternative Philosophies, Approaches & Activities

There are so many supportive lifestyle habits we can integrate into our wonderful life. We will explore aromatherapy, spa treatments, and retreat activities.

Week 5: RAKs, Vision Boards & Gratitude Journals

We will discuss the importance of vision boards and keeping a gratitude journal. Learn how performing RAK (Random Acts of Kindness) helps our society become more healthy and joyful.

Week 6: Final Online Retreat Class

We will discuss some case studies and answer how and why Positive Prime can help in achieving the results you desire.

Kim Serafini’s Classes

Adding SUPERPOWERS to your Sessions

In this online workshop, Kim will give you absolutely the best and the brightest thing you can do to be in the highest abundance vibration. Learn how to create breakthroughs so that you can manifest and enjoy the life of your dreams sooner. 

Auto-Pilot for Achieving Success Happily

In this online workshop, Kim will give disucss and give you tips on how to set your brain in auto pilot mode to achieve more success and happiness in your life.

5 Biggest Failures by Kim Serafini – Speed Class


Listen to Kim as she talks about the top 5 biggest failures of a “visioning process” and why these “issues’ are limiting everyone and stopping them from reaching their goals quickly & with ease…

The Power, Art & Science of Positive Prime

Learn some amazingly successful techniques that will totally raise your vibration and bring you into alignment with the immense joy the Universe & Life wants you to experience!

Flourishing Future Workshop – Play Time for 2020 Vision

Wake up to your majestic life and make the most of it with Positive Prime! In this workshop Kim will teach you how to  facilitates and accelerates the changes you want in order to have the life experiences you desire It is a fun, simple and convenient way to transform mindset and habits

Making 6 or 7 Figures with Positive Prime as a Tool

If you can see yourselves having a PositivePrime Program in our Store or JUST for your private purposes, to share with Members, Clients, Patients this webinar is for you!

Positive Prime Tutorial Session and Q&A

In this video, Kim talks about Positive Prime and how you can personalize your Positive Prime Program by adding your own photos and affirmation.

Quantum Achievement: Creating or Manifesting on Auto-Pilot for Dreams Becoming Reality

This online training is guaranteed to enrich your plans for 2020 and beyond… so that over the next 5 months to 10 years you can achieve almost anything you desire.

Harnessing Your “Change Genius Within by using Kim Serafini’s Master Formula

Positive Prime is proud to offer you the solution to the challenge of personal change, a transformational app designed for the busy on-the-go person! Create a powerful shift in your thinking without any effort! Positive Prime does the work for you!

Private Zoom Group Session with Kim Serafini

It’s time to shift you from stuck, negative, and unhappy in 2020 to freedom from your monkey mind and in control of a whole new possibility. In this Zoom group session we will discuss HOW to change a persistent, negative, annoying, frustrating belief that’s disempowering & destructive… into a naturally uplifting alternative.

Positive Prime: Q & A Session with Kim Serafini

Would you like to consider having YOUR OWN Coaching Advice or “Training Resource” in the form of a Positive Prime Session on our platform? Would you like to EXPLORE “why” and “how”? Watch this video and let’s explore ideas and opportunities.

Day 4 Imagination: The Workshop of the Mind
Organized Planning and Decision

Imagination is what you will use to created plans. Napoleon Hill says that imagination only works when the subconscious mind is vibrating at a super rapid rate when, for example, stimulated with strong desire. The ideas you develop will then transmuted into cash through the power of definite purpose in conjunction with definite plans.


“As much as you can in your life, say yes.”
-Mary Carillo.

A simple yes or no that we say to a person, opportunity, or any other circumstance can lead us to be in entirely different situations. A simple yes has the power to completely alter your mind and lifestyle. By uttering this one word, you bring yourself to amazing exposures, depths of knowledge, creativity, and success.

Watch these videos where we do simple YES YES YES exercises, apply it every day and see the incredible difference in your life.

Which Session Webinars

Watch this replay of our casual gathering where we conducted a 30 minutes Zoom meeting where Positive Prime members explained the issue/challenge/problems they are dealing with… and we suggested THE BEST Sessions to address what they are facing.

3rd webinar: Jan 6, 2021

2nd webinar: Dec 1, 2020


1st webinar: Nov 3, 2020


4th webinar: Feb 3, 2021

5th webinar: May 6, 2021


6th webinar: Jun 10, 2021


7th webinar: July 7, 2021

Positive Prime Professionals

Kim Serafini and Robert MacPhee: Leadership and Change Masterclass


In this video, Kim talks about Positive Prime and how you can personalize your Positive Prime Program by adding your own photos and affirmation.

Dr Selena Bartlett – Training the Brain First to Improve Your Body for Health & Fitness

Listen to Kim and Dr. Selena Bartlett as they talk about Neuroplasticity and how tips like deep breathing can help you control your reptilian brain.

Transform Your Life By Optimizing Your Brain in Only 3 Minutes a Day

Discover how you can combine your vision board, with your gratitude journal in this unique mindfulness technology that will transform you into a manifestation magnet!

Simple Tools To Transform Stress For Good Masterclass with Audrey Weidman

In this masterclass, Audrey Weidman talks about the neuroscience behind how our brains are wired for stress. And more importantly learn some tools you can implement to master your stress right away!

The Joy Revolutions Masterclass with Louisa Dykstra

We all know that if you want to achieve your dreams, clear goals are important and that believing in yourself is the key. But HOW do you believe in yourself if you don’t start out that way?the guest seaker for this masterclass is Louisa Dykstra, best selling author, and VP Sales Leader of a team of 10,000+ direct sellers.

Transform Your Relationship With Money with Sherry Parks 


In this video, Kim and guest speaker Sherry Parks talk about how you can improve your relationship with money and how to attract abundance.

Recharge Immune System Naturally by Betty Norlin

Kim and Betty Norlin talks about how your body is a wonderful machine capable of healing almost any disease on its own, because of the way it is made, when given the right environment. 

Actualize Your Full Potential with Bruce Barnes and Kim Serafini

In this webinar, you will learn how powerful your mind is, how to notice and eliminate ANTs (Automatic Negative Thoughts) and how to use visualization and self-talk.

YouNiversal Pathways to a Vibrant Life with Dr. Margaret Evanow and Kim Serafini

In this video, Dr. Margaret Evanow talks about -Reprogramming Humanity through Quantum Psychology

Harnessing Your “Change Genius Within” by Kim Serafini and Jackie Isles

Join us for a class that goes beyond the average and time-honored goal-setting activities. You’re guaranteed to be excited if you love breakthroughs in transformative technologies.

Positive Prime experts

Watch Masterclasses done by world class transformation experts.

Exploring Deep Self- Sabotage by Lion Goodman

In this masterclass, you will learn how to change your core beliefs from the experienial level and understand it’s non verbal role in shaping our patterns. You will also learn what your EGO & SURVIVAL have to do with cleaing your limiting beliefs.

There’s an incredible exercise that is set up, starting at about 30mins in… that you’ll want to do! HANG IN for the beginning @ 50mins. It’s worth it! It’s a real treat…

If you’ve ever felt that there’s something wrong with you (and I’ve thought this 100 times over the past 25 years !!) then this is a class you definitely want to lean into.


In this webinar Kim Serafini and Lion Goodman talked about HOW to “leverage” a positive psychology, neuroscience change tool in your offerings with your audience and how to make $$$ from this opportunity. Also learn:

How you can deliver your message efficiently and effect change
How we collaborate to enable & facilitate change – with ease, grace, speed & joy!
This is an extraordinary chance to join us as PositivePrime Professionals.
How to achieve above and beyond amazing results with your clients!

Lion Goodman

Lion Goodman is the creator of Clear Your Beliefs, a methodology for transforming beliefs at the core of the psyche. He has taught this powerful healing method to hundreds of coaches, therapists and healers around the world.

He is the developer of iClearIt, an iPhone/iPad app for embodied mindfulness.  Lion’s early career was in executive search and consulting, where he served more than 250 companies, from early stage start-ups to Fortune 500 corporations.


As Seen On:

Transcending Trauma by Dr. Diane Shelton

When something traumatic happens in life, it can feel like everything needs to be redefined, like nothing is familiar and you have no control in life. While you might not have had any control over the event, you CAN control how you respond and that is a key factor in the journey to transcend the experience. Hope is essential in the process, which can also be hard to grasp in this situation.

In this masterclass, we have discussed the exercises you can do to guide someone through a tumultuous time. We also learned how to heal your mind so you can contribute to a healthier happier world. Dr. Diane also highlighted the importance of using Positive Prime to strenghten our resilience and how watching a Positive Prime session can quickly reduce your stress levels.

Dr. Diane Shelton PsyD.

Dr. Diane Shelton, is a clinical psychologist licensed in several states in the US. Her 20 years of experience has spanned an array of settings: community mental health centers, prisons and jails, colleges and universities, inpatient treatment centers, group and individual private practices.

In addition to Diane’s clinical work, she has also been an educator, trainer and consultant to groups and organizations, and she has had the privilege to mentor future generations of healers.  Diane believes that Positive Prime is an avenue by which we can accomplish this; it is a powerful tool and she is excited to see the impact it will have.

Rising Up To Fulfill Your Potential by Jackie Maffenbeier

Our whole life experience is being impacted by the events that are occurring collectively globally.

The problem is that most of us are living our lives unconsciously. Giving value to what we are doing instead of giving value to who we are “Being,” while we are doing the things we do.

The interesting thing about all of this is that we have the opportunity to recognize or re-cognize, that we can consciously decide, choose to create, announce and declare and give new meaning to who we are as a human race. Make no mistake, we are deciding in every moment, consciously or unconsciously. Making no decision is still making a decision.


In this online training, we will learn about The 5 Steps to Peace as we experience this Evolution Revolution.

Jackie Maffenbeier

Jackie Maffenbeier is a certified Canfield Success Coach, a Barrett Values Consultant and a life student of the New Spirituality based on Neale Donald Walsch’s work with his Conversation with God books. From these three entities, Jackie was compelled to create, “Phoenix Rising Global Consulting, transformational tools for life, business & soul.”

Jackie has created her loving and fulfilling life now by growing through the experiences of a dysfunctional first marriage, owning such businesses as an art gallery, bars, sporting goods store, (one which went bankrupt), running expansive programs for children’s sport, being an ex-elite athlete, working nationally in Canada with motocross and owning an ATM company. Re-married now with five children between them and 6 grandchildren, Jackie continues to create herself anew in each golden moment of now in the next highest vision she’s ever held of herself and she invites you to join her!



It’s Good To Be Good by Prof. Stephen G. Post

It’s Good to Be Good by Stephen G. Post, PhD, author, professor, and President of The Institute for Research on Unlimited Love, distills the scientifically proven research in the health, happiness and resiliency benefits of volunteering. This session will both inspire and prime you to generously and genuinely reach out to help others and in the process, help yourself!

Prof. Stephen G. Post is a Professor in the Department of Preventive Medicine at Stony Brook University, and the founder and director of the Stony Brook Center for Medical Humanities, Compassionate Care and Bioethics.

A leader in medicine, research and religion, Dr. Post’s latest book is a meditation on the meaning of life and the importance of spirituality.

Prof. Stephen G. Post

Stephen G. Post, PhD, is the bestselling author of Why Good Things Happen to Good People: How to Live a Longer, Happier, Healthier Life by the Simple Act of Giving (Random House, 2008).

The British Medical Journal designated his book, The Moral Challenge of Alzheimer Disease (Johns Hopkins University Press, 1995), a medical classic of the 20th century.

Post is among a handful of individuals awarded the Distinguished Service Award by the national Alzheimer’s Association.

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