Dear Positive Prime Influencer 🙂


In the last email I said I was an INTROVERT…

I now think I’m an ambivert and I’d NEVER heard that term before.

I must have been living under a rock. I have just recently seen this video. It’s excellent…

“A Simple Test Will Show If You Are a Genuine Introvert”

Can you WIRE yourself with an accelerated learning platform like Positive Prime that harnesses your neuroplasticity to really work in your favour?


And with cognitive consonance at play we’re likely to really respect & admire ourselves MORE when we see the transformation taking place.

The truth is we all BEHAVE in ways that are “coherent” and IN ALIGNMENT or consistent with WHO we think we are.

Our IDENTITY is always revealed when we finish this statement: I am… (fill in the answer)

How are you with socialising?

I am…..

How are you with cleaning the house?

I am…

How are you with your best friend?

I am…

How are you when you’re in a painful conflict with a person who’s significant to you?

I am…

How are you with respect to drinking water?

I am….

How are you with getting up early?

I am…

To dig deeper… after you’ve filled in the answer – uncover your driving beliefs by explaining to yourself with this statement.

And that means _______ (what, for your relationships, your work, your body, your life, your future)

We can play this game for HOURS and once we have ALL of the answers & explanations we can EXPLORE whether or not you want to REMAIN ATTACHED and “reinforce” those beliefs and continue to FIND EVIDENCE to PROVE to yourself that you are RIGHT (remembering, that when you’re RIGHT, you feel SAFER… you feel more CERTAIN… you strengthen the pathway in your brain that has you REPEAT your habits.

OR… you can choose to consciously rewire yourself and adopt NEW, more empowering “I am…” answers. You’ll see them in our Positive Statements when you read the words within each Session…

If you want to improve you may want to harness your innate ability to change your brain.

TO that end – here’s an exceptional short video about Neuroplasticity. It’s fascinating!!

This video came to my attention by being connected to an inspiring Professional in our community.

Please join us – and strengthen our group of Professionals ALL making a positive difference in others’ lives, teaching, training, treating, healing, inspiring, motivating, guiding, coaching, mentoring, advising, leading…

There’s a VERY SHORT WINDOW on our awesome offer it’s an EPIC amount of value!!

If you’re in business & want to offer Positive Prime to your staff, team members or employees – take a look at our Corporate or Business Page and then have someone join us as “Professional” and you can bring it IN HOUSE with someone who’s embedded within your culture leading the program. We’ll train & certify them. It will reduce the expenses of this program substantially.

Professional Program:

Join a movement to change the way we deliver messages and help others. This could be the ideal Professional program to participate in making a substantial living and impact as a successful facilitator or catalyst for peak performance, joy & health.

For Workplace

Positive Prime is an affordable and practical vehicle for the journey to optimizing full potential, performance at the highest levels, productivity that produces profits and a higher level of fun, fulfillment and freedom; ultimately training your mind so that you’re positively primed.

We look forward to world in which people know that they can easily & quickly CHANGE by taking advantage of technologies like Positive Prime.

Thank you, in advance, for all you’ll dooo to help us achieve that.

Cheerfully, Kim

Kim Serafini
CEO and Founder of
Positive Prime enabled by Mind Power Technology

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