Dear Positive Prime Influencer 🙂


O my… I really did mean to “release” this NEWS earlier! I’m sorry…

We have had opportunity after opportunity flow our way & now I want to be very very generous & provide one!

There’s a super-special deal that EXPIRES on February 14th… for anyone who’s a :

  • Teacher
  • Trainer
  • Therapist
  • Change Maker
  • Speaker
  • Author
  • Thought Leader
  • Coach
  • Sales Manager

– in our Professional & Corporate packages that are ALL very heavily discounted & with extra bonuses…

There are actually SPECIAL ADDED INCENTIVES for the 1st 25…

AND there are incredible gifts for everyone in the FIRST 100 people…

We have already had 15 people take advantage and there are only 10 remaining chances to “get exclusive benefits”.

We’ll go over them in a telephone consultation…

Make it happen ~this week~

SO… if you have a message to share or something valuable to teach or you need an effective tool to help facilitate positive change then take a really good look at our “Corporate” area on our website and also our “Professional Area”

Feel into the possibilities.

You do NOT need to know “exactly” how you’ll leverage the program, not just yet… but secure your chance & then work with us over the next couple of weeks or months as it suits you to define how to make the most of being a part of our Professional Community.

This is a heart-felt plea – do not miss out.

Reach out to us FAST… and we’ll pop you in line… so that I can speak to you ASAP and get you IN.


We believe that those who position themselves perfectly now will be very happy that they did so! 

    We can assure you that those who already have are VERY pleased with their decision to get in quickly & before the prices go up!

    Get more for your $$$ – and much better value by taking affirmation action.

    Much Love,

    Kim Serafini
    CEO and Founder of
    Positive Prime enabled by Mind Power Technology

    P.S: Please share this email with friends, family, colleagues, students, clients… Encourage them to Positively Prime themselves too !!

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